Agribusiness, Enterprise Developments

We build the capacity of smallholder farmers on agri-nutrition, agri- preneurship, Financial Literacy and establishing / strengthening VSLA system

Microfinance & Enterprise Development

Intelli-Wealth Limited areas of expertise cover broad sections of microfinance and enterprise development and include agriculture value chain financing; Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs); and Rural and Agricultural Finance..

Professional Training

In response to the high demand for credible professional services and training that cover these areas that are critical to development of Africa’s growing economies. Intelli-Wealth Limited core strategic activity is to provide a base for regional capacity enhancement and training services by bringing together a team of leading experts in the above fields to offer on-demand services to institutional and individual clients in the region.

Research on Business Development & Project Management

Involved at steering committee level the development of financial inclusion electronic recording app and also involved in piloting the same. on financial inclusion and market linkages practitioners having been involved in direct training of VSL groups, Community based trainers and other VSL program implementation staffs.


Intelli-Wealth Limited has consulted for various firms on business development / project management, financial inclusion program design, agribusiness, enterprise developments, MIS, M&E and innovations around the sector like market linkages and digitization of VSLAs. Intelli-Wealth Limited staffs are recognized regionally and globally.

Rural and Agricultural Finance

Agricultural finance is crucial to support the growth of the agricultural sector. Indeed, it is essential for food security, job creation, and overall economic growth. Agriculture investments are required to enable smallholder farmers and processors, many of them living in poverty, to improve on-farm productivity, post-harvest and processing practices, as well as improve trade and marketing of agricultural commodities.